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’19 Research

9th EMCC Global Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Research Conference

4-5 July 2019, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford UK

Review of the 9th EMCC Global research conference at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK

Exploring the deeper structure of the coaching supervision process: an autoethnography

Executive coaching effectiveness in later stage development

Fast forward – leaders transitioning into a new role: qualitative enquiry into leaders’ experience of coaching while transitioning

Change processes: mechanisms of clients’ adaptive emotion regulation as a lynchpin of coaching effectiveness

An exploration into whether strengths-based coaching has a role to play in supporting Italian start-up entrepreneurs

Mapping approaches to mentoring scheme management

Poetry practice & potential: a heuristic inquiry into the potential of poetry for the reflexive

coaching practitioner

The search for compatibility: lessons from the research collaborative process in the field of human resource development

Supervision of organisational coaching

Staff mentoring in higher education: the case for a mentored mentoring continuum

S-peers: developing life skills through student-to-student mentoring at the universities

EEG correlates of executive coaching: a possible biomarker as evidence of the impact of coaching

Client behavioural feedback for the executive coach