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’18 Research

8th EMCC International Mentoring, Coaching, and Supervision Research Conference

10-11 July 2018, University of Chester, Chester, UK

Review of the 8th EMCC International research conference at University of Chester, Chester, UK

An Action Research Inquiry to Explore the Relevance and Value of Executive Reflection to Leaders in a Global, Virtual and Diverse World

An exploration of coaching supervision with a group of associate executive mentors and coaches from 2015-2017 in Australia

Assessing and developing Mindset and Mental Toughness Applications in Coaching and Mentoring

Developing effective nhs leaders through systemic team coaching

Helping Leaders Cope with Crises

Same gender cross-mentoring for women to combat skills shortages in management

Mentorship and student self-efficacy: predicting academic self-confidence

Organisational coaching – the new frontline of coaching

Extolling the virtues of mentoring in the workplace: comparing and contrasting case studies in the NHS and the Police

How managers use organisational mentoring

Like a real artist, Ha Ha: exploring the experiences of artists in the coaching space

Supervision on supervision – State of the art: a survey

Presence in Executive Coaching Conversations – The C2 Model

‘People don’t usually want to listen to this stuff’: Combining mental toughness and coaching for self-care outcomes A Research note

On neuroscience of behavioural change: habits, goals and values

Application of causal loop methods for client insight and action

Coaching for Wisdom