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’17 Research

7th EMCC International Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference

14-15 June 2017, University of Greenwich, London, UK

Review of the 7th EMCC International research conference at University of Greenwich, London, UK

Putting theory at the heart of executive coaching supervision

Increasing the number of women in leadership – how coaching can really work

Team Coaching Supervision Survey

What does effective behaviour look like in a conversation to support acquisition of new skills that ultimately lead to better productivity
and performance?

Toward Neuroscience in Coaching

The value of coaching supervision as a development process and its contribution to continued professional and personal wellbeing for executive coaches

4Ls retrospective technique of (self)reflection in 1-on-1 coaching practice

Evidence based executive coaching in practise

The Role and Effectiveness of Coaching in Increasing Career Decision Self-Efficacy, Outcome Expectations and Employability Efforts of Higher Education Students

Stretching Ethical Dilemmas – A creative tool for supervisors

Leading on the Edge: New Research Insights on Coaching Leaders in an Increasingly Complex and Ambiguous World

Preliminary findings of a survey of internal coaches that explored their perceptions of being a coach

How individual coaching adds value in organisations

The role of intangible personal outcomes

Working at the boundary: how experienced coaching work with intuition in their practice

How supervisees can enhance their coaching supervision

Mentoring support for diverse engaged scholars: a study