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6th EMCC International Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference

7-8 July 2016, ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary

Review of the 6th EMCC International research conference at Eötvös Lóránd University, Budapest, Hungary

Concepts of professional identity (and changes in identity) as coaches move into the coaching profession

A new person-centred complementary therapy within clinical

Best practices for patients with chronic diseases: health coaching

Being and time: examining the lived experience of female senior managers and the potential implications for coaching

Implementing health coaching at scale and pace

Does ROI really measure the effectiveness of executive or business coaching?

The effectiveness of individual mentoring in teams: a structural conceptualisation in the form of a renewed framework

Gender and coaching

Bridging the gap: findings from an investigation into the gap between coaching and mentoring practice and research

Effectiveness of leadership coaching – an integrated evaluation framework

Identifying and coaching high-potential leaders

Understanding coaching through competency – focusing on an effective coaching relationship

Strength-based leadership coaching in organisations: an evidenced-based approach

Selecting a supervision process in collective supervision

Leadership narrative identity: a research study

Coaching with transactional analysis

Meditation techniques in coaching

Coaching a multi-generational workforce

Outcomes and helpful aspects of a pluralistic approach

To coaching – a case study based mixed inquiry

Agilitás a coachingban

A vezetői coaching iránti elköteleződés tényezői vállalati környezetben