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5th EMCC Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference

23-24 June 2015, Lazarski University, Warsaw, Poland

Review of the 5th EMCC Research Conference at Lazarski University, Warsaw, Poland

Mentoring a behavioural coach in thinking developmentally: a dialogue

What coaches should want to know about their clients comments on

Mentoring the mentors

Structured interventions in coaching

Developmental goals based on deep psychological diagnosis and organisational diagnosis can significantly raise the chance of changing certain habits in 6 to 8 weeks

Coaching leadership – as leaders see it

A phenomenological-hermeneutical exploration of leaders´ experience of coaching leadership

Coaching for Emancipation: A framework for coaching in oppressive environments

Who is the supervisor?

Maximising leadership performance: the art of shifting your state of mind

The effects of managerial coaching behaviours in different organisational culture on the employees’ perception of job satisfaction, organisational commitment and job performance: a case study

The creation of a coaching leadership cultre: the Scania story

Top leaders’ experiences of learning

Generation Y: are organisations ready for younger executive coaches?

Coaching between magic and science

Creating the conditions for the receptivity of feedback