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’14 Research

4th EMCC Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference

26-27 June 2014, Cergy-Pontoise University, Paris, France

Review of the 4th EMCC Research Conference at Cergy-Pontoise, France

An Exploration of Coaching Supervision Outside the UK

Trends from the 2014 ICF Global Consumer Awareness Study

Is it skills versus knowledge in Executive Coaching? Or is it about skills and knowledge

Judgemental and developmental mentoring: construct development and search of useful measures of mentors’ beliefs about mentoring 54

Crafting Bottom-Up Coaching Competencies

A Doctoral Research Study into Creating the Conditions for Receptivity of Feedback

Researching and piloting a coaching and mentoring model which supports talent management for the Housing Sector

Does coaching support return to work in teachers with mental disorders?

Communication in Mentoring Schemes: Lessons for Project Design

What is it like to be a “High Potential”? What is it like to coach one?

“Give me something I can use” What mediates the successful acquisition and integration of coaching skills among senior health managers? A grounded theory study

Coaching for Effectiveness: Initial Findings from an International Survey

An investigation and analysis of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) needs of newly qualified and experienced coaches: a small scale practitioner based study to inform a Coach Development Programme (CDP)

Bridging the Gap between Practice and Research: A dialogue between members

Barriers to Successful Outcomes from Coaching

Mentoring of Newly Qualified Teachers: Initiation of teaching design exchange in mentoring trajectories