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The state of the research game in mentoring and coaching: Conference and book overview by Po Lindvall and Professor David Megginson

Goals in coaching and mentoring: the current state of play by ProfessorDavid Clutterbuck, Professor David Megginson and Susan A David

EMCC Ireland coaching market research in partnership with IBEC by Paula King, Pedro Angulo and John B Ryan

The hidden history of coaching implications for coaching today by Dr Leni Wildflower

Team processes that matter most to team performance in global, cross-functional product development team by Vanessa Druskat and Steven B Wolff

How are organisations using coaching as a tool within their human capital strategy? by Mark Ruth, Magdalena Mook and Colin McIlheney

What is the impact on service users of developing a coaching culture for health service managers? by Paul Stokes, Beth Patmore, Anthony J. Hodgson & Tracy Hill

Mentoring for employability in the context of race, culture and socio-economic diversity: A Public Sector Developmental Mentoring Scheme by Dr Julie Haddock-Millar and Chris Rigby

What are the new research findings on trait emotional intelligence and what implications do these have for coaches? by Geetu Bharwaney

Mentorship and academic achievement in higher education music curriculum by Dr Tracy Parish and Emily Malamud

It’s not about the coach – what are the behaviours of an effective coachee? by Stuart Haden

Understanding the process of regaining resilience within a coaching relationship by Carole Pemberton

What are the experiences of external executive coaches working with coachees’ assigned goals? by Katherin Cowan

An exploration into how coaching relationships evolve over time by Elspeth May

Symbolism and inclusion in supervision. Developing professional identity and reinforcing the group dynamic by Florenace Lamy and Dr Michel Moral

Does e-mentoring work? The effectiveness and challenges of an international professional mentoring scheme by Chandana Sanyal and Chris Rigby

A politics of gentleness in the practice of coaching: the dynamics of enclosure and the possibilities of ordinary ethics by Dr Anthony McCann

Bend or break? Connecting leaders with emotional resilience by Julia Steward

Mentoring networks and outcomes for new faculty by Dr Laura Gail Lunsford, Dr J. Denard Thomas, Dr Heather Metcalf and Dr Helena Rodrigues