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Developing Mentoring & Coaching in Research and Practice, an Introduction by Po Lindvall & David Megginson

Exploring the Coaching Experience: Analysing coachee perspectives on factors contributing to coaching effectiveness by Anna Blackman & Gianno Moscardo

The State of Mentoring & Coaching Research by David Megginson & David Clutterbuck

Creating E-Mentoring Models Between Higher Education and Working Life in the Entrepreneurship Education Field by Irja Leppisaari, Kari Korpelainen, Marja-Liisa Tenhunen, Priit Resika

Understanding ACT: A Therapeutic Approach that Delivers for Coaching by John Groom

Men & Women, Coaches & Executives Facing Change 2: Professional Culture or Gender: Which One Prevails? by Michel Moral, Stephane Vallée and Florence Lamy

Making Every Conversation Count: The Role of Informal Coaching & Mentoring in the NHS by Rachel Hawley

Mentoring Scientists: Behaviours and Memes by Laura Gail Lunsford

The Business of Coaching: Fee and Revenue Drivers by Magda Mook, Mark Ruth & Tony Dignan