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’11 Research

Conducting Mentoring & Coaching Research

Mentoring & Coaching in Research and Practice, an Introduction by Ines O’Donovan & David Megginson

Researching Coaching and Mentoring by David Megginson

Researching their own Practice: The Competencies required by Practitioner Researchers by Annette Fillery-Travis & Emma Sexton

Impact of Mentoring & Coaching

Change through Executive Coaching: the organisational Stakeholders’ Perspective by Christiane Niess and Erik de Haan

Measuring the Capability of a Team to fulfil a “Change 2” by Michel Moral, Stephane Vallée and Florence Lamy

Coaching as a Leader Development Strategy: A global Technology Company Case Study by Julie Paleen Aronow

Multicultural e-Mentoring Supporting female University Managers’ Leadership Development – Views from Fourteen Countries by Irja Leppisaari and Marja-Liisa Tenhunen

The Self in Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching Style: In Search of a Vocabulary by John Bennett and John English

Self-Care at Work and its practical Development: Coaches as a Case in Point by Jane Keep

Developing Awareness in Coach Training while being mindful of emergent Anxieties by Keith Nelson

Coaching and Mentoring: The Perspective of a developing Talent by Rendel de Jong and Eva van der Meer

Towards greater cultural Understanding in Coaching by Jenny Plaister-Ten

The Confidence Loop: A Model for how new Leaders develop Confidence by Linda Neal

The Experience of developing as a Leader Coach: A thematic Analysis of reflective Accounts by Joanne James

A phenomenological Exploration of Executive Coaching as an experiential Learning Process within the Context of the Integrated Experiential Coaching Model by Lloyd Chapman

The Relationship between Coach and Coachee

A Difficult Dialogue: Coaching Strategies in the Context of dysfunctional Behaviours. A developmental Paper by Anne Keegan, Bernadette Downes & Elaine Robinson

Exploring the Phenomena occurring during Feedback intended to improve Client Performance. A developmental Paper by Lise Lewis

New Paths in Mentoring & Coaching Research

Out of your Comfort Zone? Reflections of a deaf Coach/Mentor on coaching and mentoring People with Disabilities by Jane Cordell

Archetypes of Health Coaching within the Context of Whiplash Trauma by Markus Urwyler