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Coaching across cultural boundaries – rejoice in our differences

We live and work in an increasingly interconnected world, and many of us find ourselves wanting and needing to engage with individuals and groups from a range of cultures. What happens to us when we encounter new cultures? How does this impact on our actions? How, in reality, do we experience them and engage with them? And what are the implications for our work as coaches and mentors.

This book explores these questions from a theoretical and a practical standpoint.

About the author

Karel Glazer is a Professional Coach and Supervisor, Cross Cultural Trainer, speaker and author, specialising in working with Start Up and High-Tech companies. She is a specialist in Cross Cultural Sensitivity Development, and leads The Wishing Others Well Method to Lead from Conflict to Freedom. Karel began the LIFEMASTERS Coaching system in 2014.

As a Life Coach, Karel leads clients with many diverse tools to achieve awareness that lead to achieving their goals and productivity. She is a graduate of the David Yelin College, the Reidman Collage and the University of Haifa. Unique tools such as facilitating with the use of guided imagery for paradigm change are among her specialties.

Her books, “Conversations with Ourselves” and “From Conflict to Freedom” will be released soon.