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Coaching across cultural boundaries – corporate executive challenges

We live and work in an interconnected world, and many of us find ourselves wanting and needing to engage with individuals and groups from a range of cultures. And we increasingly work in organisations that work across cultures. Organisational responses vary from the carefully considered to the truly mindless! What happens to us and to organisations when new cultures are encountered? How does this impact on our actions? How, in reality, do we experience them and engage with them? And what are the implications for our work as coaches and mentors?

Ram lives in both Eastern and Western cultures and explores working and coaching across cultures from Eastern and Western perspectives, and this results in a fascinating narrative. He moves between theoretical perspectives to and from his own extensive experience of working across cultures. He takes us on a journey that is both unpredictable and enriching.

About the author

Ram S. Ramanathan is an engineer in theory, a corporate executive in practice and a leadership coach in passion. He has held C-suite leadership positions for half of his 45-year career during which he turned around companies, helped build a billion dollar conglomerate, supervised multinational joint ventures, advised the governments of Indonesia and Singapore, angel invested/incubated technology start-ups, and consulted family businesses, small-to-medium enterprises and non-profit institutions.

As a globally recognized leadership coach and mentor, Ram works with international regulatory bodies including the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Centre for Credentialing Education (CCE). He founded Coacharya, a leadership development practice that has trained over 400 coaches to credential, an accomplishment that garnered the inaugural 2014 EMCC Coaching award. Coacharya’s social impact initiative, Barefoot Leadership, strives to catalyze socioeconomic upheaval in agrarian communities via leadership interventions.

Ram has authored over 30 books on spirituality and leadership, and published articles internationally on mindless awareness in coaching . He teaches as an adjunct faculty at post graduate programs and speaks at events related to human development,. Ram’s passion is blending Eastern spiritual practices (yoga, tantra and meditation) with Western psychological interventions (NLP, Gestalt, Positive Psychology) to enhance personal development in all aspects of work and life.

Ram and his wife of over 40 years, Neena, are global citizens as Singapore nationals with residency in the U.S. and India. They split their time between a familial home in Bangalore, their grandchildren in Chicago and Berkeley, and culture travel around the world.