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Books in the Reflections Series

Powerful questions for coaches and mentors by David Clutterbuck

The leaders guide to being coached by David Clutterbuck

Coaching across cultural boundaries – rejoice in our differences by Karel Glazer

Coaching across cultural boundaries – corporate executive challenges by Ram Ramanathan

Background to the series

The EMCC ‘Reflections’ book series first came to life with a proposal in 2013 by Professor David Clutterbuck, EMCC founder and EMCC International Special Ambassador. The aim is to provide opportunities for EMCC members, either on their own or in multi-cultural author teams, to write books on behalf of EMCC that are reflections on mentoring, coaching, supervision and all things related to these fields. Although each book is a personal reflection, each book has been assigned an EMCC book mentor who has assisted the author(s) to ensure that the book is in line with EMCC vision and strategy.

In total there are currently 10 books being written for the Reflections series. This is not a finite number and more books will be written and published as and when interesting and suitable titles are identified.