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March 2017: coaching evaluation in diverse landscapes of practice

This Research Policy & Practice Provocations Report is the second issue in a series which aims to influence how we think about and how we conduct coaching and mentoring research.

Evidence-based and evaluation practices are important ways of fusing the broad families of research and continuing professional development. Professional bodies such as the EMCC consider such approaches as crucially important to innovating as well as upholding the quality of practice . Indeed, evaluation is the eighth mentoring/coaching category within the EMCC’s competency framework, where the coach/mentor “Gathers information on the effectiveness of own practice and contributes to establishing a culture of evaluation of outcomes” . Yet we also know that evaluation can be complex and problematic.

This report shares:

1. An updated overview of coaching evaluation scholarship (during the period 1994 to 2016)
2. An overview of interview research exploring coaching evaluation in practice (conducted between November 2016 and February 2017)
3. Provocative ways of potentially responding to and dealing with the issues raised in the interviews – in terms of EMCC, researchers, and practitioners.