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April 2018: coaching and ethics in practice: dilemmas, navigations, and the (unspoken)

This Research Policy & Practice Provocations Report is the third issue in a series which aims to influence how we think about and how we conduct coaching, mentoring, and supervision research and development.

Ethics and ethical practice can be understood as fundamentally important to being human (Wall et al 2016). Indeed, it has been found to be an area which is especially important to the high impact world of the coach and mentor (Wall et al 2017a) with the publication of the Global Code of Ethics (a joint venture between the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring & Coaching Council).
Although challenging, developing and polishing the ethical compass as part of the professional development of coaching and mentoring practice is a rewarding process for the coach. This report brings you an opportunity to refresh your thinking and practice in relation to ethics and ethical issues, and offers expert perspectives towards illustrative challenges.

The report shares:

1. An overview of ethical foundations in coaching
2. An overview of survey research exploring coaching ethics in practice (conducted in 2017), along with expert reflections and suggestions
3. Prompts to explore the ethical aspects we may not be considering in practice and why
4. Reflections on how coaches/mentors might navigate ethical tensions
5. Ideas and reflections on promising practices which promote ethical responses in coaching and mentoring practice.