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’13 Mentoring

Mentoring – Multi-national moderated by Hannelore Dekeyser, Ines O’Donovan and Isabel Witte

Mentoring – In the Community moderated by Lars Trap Olsen

Mentoring – In Education moderated by Nora Domínguez, Laura Lunsford and Karine Mangion

Mentoring – In Business moderated by Joanna Gray, Susanna Way, Louis Harvey and Tuula Lillia

Mentoring – Developing a Mentoring Culture moderated by Frances Kochan and Trish Ospedale

Mentoring – Systemic vs Systematic Approach moderated by Adina Tarry

Mentoring – Technology and Innovation moderated by Hannelore Dekeyser, Ulrike Wild and Jean-Marie Vanhove

Mentoring – Standards and Programme Management (incl Best Practice) moderated by Kirsten M. Poulsen, Becci Martin, Yvonne Thackray, Linda Searby and Susanna Way

Mentoring – Professional Development and Supervision moderated by Jose A. Martinez, Carol Whitaker and Tracy Ward

Mentoring in the Context of Racial and Cultural Differences moderated by David Suen, Yvonne Thackray and Karine Mangion

Mentoring in the Context of Gender and Sexual Preference moderated by Kirsten M. Poulsen and Funmi Johnson

Mentoring in the Context of Disability moderated by Beno Schraepen and Jean-Marie Vanhove

Diversity Mentoring in Education moderated by Carol A. Mullen, Nora Domínguez, Luís Cochofel and Torie Weiston

Diversity Mentoring in the Context of Community Development moderated by Rachel Hawley and Sheila Udall