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Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific

Coaching and mentoring as management approaches have spread rapidly across the Asia Pacific region. Basic concepts of supporting people in their learning, in their career journeys, and in the acquisition of wisdom are deeply rooted in all cultures, yet today, there is little agreement about what constitutes good practice.

Coaching and Mentoring in the Asia Pacific is the first book to put coaching and mentoring into an Asia Pacific context – exploring the challenges, benefits and differences in application, both in concept and practice. Opening with a foreword from Anthony Grant, this book provides commentaries and practical case studies from a wide variety of countries, sectors and perspectives. The authors show how organizations in the Asia Pacific Region can make effective use of this powerful developmental tool, in cost-effective, culturally relevant ways.

This book will be invaluable reading for students and practitioners based in, planning to work in, or curious about coaching and mentoring in the Asia Pacific.


Part 1: Setting the Scene
Chapter 1: A brief history of coaching and mentoring

David Clutterbuck and Tammy Turner
Chapter 2: Key challenges for coaching and mentoring in Asia-Pacific
Derrick Kon and Anna Blackman
Chapter 3: What does good practice look like?
Anna Blackman and David Clutterbuck
Chapter 4: Role and future of coaching supervision in Asia-Pacific
Vimala Suppiah
Part 2: Coaching Cases
Chapter 5: Coaching in Thailand
Chérie Carter-Scott
Chapter 6: The Cross-Cultural Kaleidoscope™ Model: A Systems Approach to Coaching in the Asia-Pacific Region
Jenny Plaister-Ten
Chapter 7: Asia’s unique leadership challenges
Tony Mathers
Chapter 8: Transitioning the new CEO while embedding a merger
Padraig O’Sullivan
Chapter 9: Technology Leader in Asia
Ram Ramanathan
Chapter 10: Are Leaders born or made? A tale of two executives
Ross Swan
Chapter 11: Auckland City amalgamation and culture development using traditional Maori concept of Kaiarahi
Vanessa Fudge
Chapter 12: Asia-Pacific Organizational Coaching Case Study
Charlie Lang
Chapter 13: Strength-Based Leadership & Team Coaching in Asia Pacific
Doug MacKie
Chapter 14: Empowering Women Leaders in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)
David Pierce, Kasia Gurgul, Sue Hubbard and Anna Blackman
Chapter 15: Leadership Coaching: an Australian context
Julia Milner and Mike Armour
Chapter 16: “The Different Me”-s: Using the multi-selves model for peak performance and alignment
Marion Neubronner
Chapter 17: High performance team coaching
Morné Maritz
Chapter 18: Coaching in Asia-Pacific from the perspective of the coachee
Siqiwen Li, Anna Blackman and Alison Carter
Part 3: Mentoring Cases
Chapter 19: Can a ‘white-fella’ be mentored using traditional ‘black-fella’ wisdom?
Akram Sabbagh
Chapter 20: Mentoring within the Pacific Islands
Christopher Nunn
Chapter 21: The Mentoring for Effective Teaching program
Peter Hudson and Sue Hudson
Chapter 22: To Mentor or Not to Mentor: A Mentor Speaks
Ya-Hui Kuo
Chapter 23: Young Women in Leadership, Massey University
Vasudha Bhide and Beth Tootell
Chapter 24: Family Member Mentoring in Hawaii: Understanding the Influence of Culture on Mentors and Protégés
Donnel Nunes
Chapter 25: How to match mentors and mentees effectively
George Quek
Part 4: Conclusions
Chapter 26: Lessons learnt
David Clutterbuck, Anna Blackman and Derrick Kon